Specialty Draping

Eventure uses unique draping styles for our specialty draping, creating one-of-a-kind trade show booths and customized points of interest for any events and weddings. Our creative team can fully customized temporary specialty draping to replace permanent, out-of-date window coverings, or create a specific decor element to compliment an entire event’s design and atmosphere.

Specialty Draping for Toronto EventsEventure Design through the use of specialty draping, are specialists in creating areas of focal points with unique flare and effect allowing our client’s venue choices to stand out from the common place.

Specialty Draping for all Venues

At Eventure Designs we are able to apply a variety of specialty draping, with lighting effects for accent and effect, and layering for depth and presence, to any venue in any manner of ways. Whether your location is irregularly shaped or boasting extremely high ceilings, Eventure’s designs and technique allow our draping to accommodate any venue.

If you’d like to learn more about our specialty draping please contact us and one of our sales associates will address your questions promptly. We can also provide¬†you a quote based on your requirements if you already know the specifics of your event and venue.