Wedding Canopies, Chuppah & Mahitza

Ceremonial wedding chuppa and mahitzas.Eventure’s many years of experience with the Jewish community has made us one of the province’s foremost expert suppliers of custom designed wedding Chuppah’s and Mahitza installations. Our custom designs can be traditional or modern. Our sales team will work closely with you to meet your design and budget needs. We are well versed in the standards of Jewish traditions and etiquette and are very familiar with many synogogues in the Toronto area.  Many of our clients who are not jewish still want to include a beautiful wedding canopy for their ceremony.  Clients can choose from a variety of fabrics and colours.


About the Wedding Chuppah

Wedding chuppa’s are traditional draped canopies used in jewish weddings.  The wedding chuppah is meant to symbolize the home that the couple are building together. A properly designed wedding chuppah is an important focal point for a jewish ceremony.  Often our clients choose to use a family topper which we embellish with our fabrics or we can install the entire feature.

Eventure Designs is also able to provide custom draping for Mahitzas/Mechitzas for jewish weddings as well as mandaps or non-religious canopies.

Please feel free to contact our helpful sales associates for more information about our chuppah and mahitza installations or you can request a quote if you are able to provide us with more details.

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