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Room Liners

Draping a room for and event or wedding is a sure way to increase the level of elegance and luxury. Our draping will transform any venue and creates a specific palette for other decor. Other advantages of room draping include hiding unsightly walls or structures giving the space discount a fresh new look.  Lighting can add additional colour and vibe.

Our expert staff installs temporary room draping and wall liners around the room’s perimeter, softening walls, covering or disguising doorways and muting windows. A room or tent interior that is draped by Eventure becomes an entirely new and uniquely designed palette. Draped room liners are sure to create a spectacular atmosphere both wedding and corporate events.

At Eventure, we boast more than 20 years experience installing room liners and wall draping review and are very familiar with draping many of Toronto and Montreal’s biggest and most well known event venues.